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"I participated in the Holy Fire Masters online course last summer in the middle of the Covid pandemic.

I didn't  know what to expect, as my entire life was already all done through zoom and team meetings.  I am a Social Worker and I was quite fatigued and stressed when I took this course.  I was so grateful that I took it when I did as it helped immensely in my work life, personal life and spiritual life. This course gave me more tools to access in such difficult times; it felt like new life was released into my soul; it gave me a stronger balance in such uncertain times.

I am grateful for these teachings and tools. Chi miigwetch to Martha who always is so supportive and a kind spirit: you have helped me in so many ways, and I am very grateful and blessed to have you in my life."- Belinda

"I was surprised and impressed by the effectiveness and ease of online training with Martha. I completed level 1 in-person with her a while ago and during the pandemic, online, I completed the 2nd and Masters levels. Here, I found that not only was I able to successfully and efficiently learn everything, it was also convenient and comfortable to be in my own home without the hassle of travelling. I enjoy Martha's gentle, flexible, caring style in combination with her powerful loving energy." - Barbara

"In September 2021 I had surgery on my leg and contacted Martha to request a distant Reiki treatment. I have had in person Reiki with her before, however both of us have moved away from London On.  I knew distance wouldn't be an issue because energy is everywhere and can be sent anywhere. At the appointed time, I lay down on my mat with soothing music and opened up my mind and body to accept whatever healing would come. It was very peaceful and I believe the Reiki treatment is helping me heal physically and emotionally. I was off all pain meds earlier than expected, and incision sites are healing beautifully. I would highly recommend distant healing as a gift to yourself or another who is undergoing healing or needs a tune up physically, mentally and/ or emotionally."

- Cathy

"I feel blessed for having found Martha. I had been a Usui Reiki practitioner for more than 20 years and Martha introduced me to the Holy Fire Reiki energy. Holy Fire Reiki is a wonderful and extremely powerful energy that has been noticeably changing my life. Martha is a very knowledgeable master who you can count on for a word of encouragement or guidance at any time. I wish I had met Martha and Holy Fire Reiki a long time ago." - Patricia

"Learning Holy Fire Reiki with Martha was a gentle - yet powerful - transition into a mystical new way of being. Martha is a grounded and caring teacher who mindfully attends to her students’ needs. Her pacing ensures that students receive the time they need to process  new information, while her commitment to and knowledge of Holy Fire Reiki ensure all questions are answered. I love the warm and caring environment Martha provides for Reiki training and healing sessions, and I recommend her services whole-heartedly!" - Andrea

"I feel very lucky to know Martha as a Reiki teacher, a great Reiki healer and as a friend.
I got my first and second level Holy Fire Reiki training with Martha. She is a wonderful teacher who has great experience from her previous teaching career. As a medical doctor and holistic practitioner, I found that being able to help myself and other people with this great healing method was a big opportunity for me.

Also, I receive one-on-one Reiki treatments from her and in our Reiki sharing sessions as well.
I have witnessed and felt how powerful Reiki energy heals and helps, and Martha is one of the people who uses  this energy kindly and at the same time very effectively to help and heal  people. Thank you very much, Martha." - Inci

"Martha is a beautiful teacher and evokes the most wonderful, caring space in which she imparts the Reiki Holy Fire gifts that she so graciously embodies. She is a natural teacher, very respectful, intuitive and kind – connecting personally through her deep insights of people. Martha is very willing to share her knowledge and techniques, and her beautiful spirit is evident from the first moment of meeting her. I first went to Martha for Reiki Holy Fire treatments, which brought insight and healing, and it was a natural transition to learn Reiki Holy Fire from her. Martha is a joy and an inspiration, and highly recommended to anyone to work with for personal healing or learning this beautiful energy." - Janet

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