Martha St. Pierre

Holy Fire III Reiki Practitioner

Holy Fire III Reiki  Master/Teacher


In 2013 I retired from teaching secondary school in order to practise Reiki full-time. I had studied Reiki for many years, and in February 2015 I became a teacher of Reiki. And then I learned about Holy Fire Reiki and knew that I needed to study it. I went to Glastonbury, England in May 2015 to become a Holy Fire Master/Teacher, studying under William Lee Rand of the International Center for Reiki Training. In December 2015 I went to the International Center in Michigan to study Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki®, again with Rand. I have been teaching Holy Fire and giving Holy Fire treatments ever since. As of January 2019, I was a Holy Fire III Master/Teacher. In April I travelled to Jerusalem to take the full Holy Fire III Master course with William Rand.


It is my privilege and joy to be able to offer Reiki healing treatments and to teach others to use Reiki. Treatments bring deep relaxation and healing in a gentle but powerful way. My teaching Reiki means that more and more people will have access to this loving, healing energy. While Reiki is the modality that I practise, I also have training in Therapeutic Touch, Past-Life Regression (with Brian Weiss), Clairvoyance (with Debra Katz) and Quick Pulse (with Jo Dunning).

Holy Fire Reiki Treatments

Reiki treatments bring deep relaxation, allowing for healing to take place. While there is no guaranteed outcome, people report experiencing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing with Reiki. At the very least, Reiki brings deep calm and relaxation that help to release pain on many levels, leaving a a person feeling balanced and optimistic.


Holy Fire Reiki heals more deeply and more quickly than pre-Holy Fire Reiki. That is not to say that pre-Holy Fire Reiki is not also very

healing; however, anyone whom I have treated with Holy Fire energy who had had Reiki treatments before recognise the increased power of Holy Fire.

Reiki treatments take place in a quiet, safe, comfortable setting. The recipient, fully clothed, lies on a massage table, but can be seated if necessary. During the treatment, which lasts for at least an hour, the practitioner places her hands lightly on or slightly above the body, offering the healing energy. It is usual for the person receiving the energy to go into a deep, meditative state.


Each subsequent treatment brings deeper relaxation and deeper healing. It is suggested that if you are new to Reiki, that you receive three treatments in a fairly short period of time at the beginning. Your system is then prepared to integrate the energy at a very deep level. If you receive your first three treatments within a period of two months, the third treatment will cost only $50.00.


Because some people are sensitive to scents, people are asked not to wear perfume or even natural scents to a treatment.


DISTANT TREATMENTS are also available.

GIFT CERTIFICATES can be purchased.


$75.00 per session (60-70 minutes)

If a first-time client comes three times within five weeks, the third session is $50.

10% discount for seniors and the underemployed; 20% discount for students

Payment by cash, cheque or e-transfer. Contact Martha to book an appointment.